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Detroit Mixology Professional Bartending School is a state-licensed bartending school. We offer 2-3 week bartending certification courses as well as our short fun Mixology 101 course. Our bartending certification course will teach students how to become top mixologists in their field. We have a 100% success rate, and our students leave us with the experience and knowledge to land a job bartending at any establishment. Join us for our summer Mixology 101 session, and book your private Mixology parties with us today!

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Why Mixology?

With flexible hours, and great pay, mixology is a growing and thriving career field


We offer convenient class schedules and new classes start each week


All instruction is hands-on, and you'll be training like you're on the job

Easy Tuition Plans

Our tuition includes books, supplies, and lifetime job placement assistance

Class schedules







We offer flexible scheduling that uses any combination of day, evening, weekend, or special times to meet any students needs

We offer a weekend class on Saturdays from 10am-3pm. It takes four full Saturdays to complete the course.

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